Blazebusters – Fire Safety Training

Blazebusters – Fire Safety Training
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Workplace Fire Safety training to protect your employees and your Shropshire business.

Blazebusters will be available to schools, colleges and any new entrepreneur business people throughout the Shropshire area, and its mission is to assist young people entering into their adult lives, by giving practical help on matters of fire safety at home, work and in the case of a new business, how to be compliant with current legislation.

350 people in Britain die in fires every year and over 10,000 casualties occurred, why? Because of poor training! It’s very easy to make Bob the accountant fire marshal and point to where the nearest fire extinguisher is upon induction, but when fire strikes, successful fire safety training pays off.

The question isn’t “can you afford fire training”? It’s “can you afford not too”? We are not academics training the basics; we are working professionals with over 25 years in real fire risk management. Our experience and expertise will equip you so when faced with a fire, you are calm, competent and most importantly safe.

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