Parlors Hall Hotel

Parlors Hall Hotel
Mill Street
Low Town
WV15 5AL
01746 761931
The Parlors Hall offers all the facilities of a traditional hotel with all the contemporary amenities in keeping with the character of this historic building.

The original Parlors Hall, according to local historical records, was built in the 12th century, but it was the the Parlor Family who lived in the Hall from 1419 to 1539 who gave it their name.

Many other families occupied the Hall over the next 400 years, each contributing some feature of design and decor of their period. As a result the Hall is not typical of any particular era but has the charm of many.

In 1929 Parlors Hall became a Hotel and since then careful development has taken place allowing many of the ancient features to be retained, most prominently in the public rooms on the ground floor with their fireplaces and oak paneling.

Today the Hotel has fifteen en suite bedrooms, each individually decorated and offering contemporary amenities in keeping with the character of the buildings.

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