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Lavingtons Hole

On 31st March 1646 during the Civil War, in King Charles 1 reign, Bridgnorth Town was under siege from Parlimentary forces and the Royalists retreated to Bridgnorth Castle after setting fire to the stables in Listley Street. The fire soon spread to burn down many buildings in High Town. It was the incendiary torches fired from the castle  that ignited St. Leonards Church, burning all the town records that were stored in the church.

By 1st April 1646 most of Bridgnorth High Town was destroyed by the great fire.

After three weeks of continued attack on the castle Colonel Lavington took charge of getting a team of the Parlimentary force to dig a 70 foot tunnel under Castle Hill. Knowing that the Royalists stored their gunpowder in St Marys Church  his aim was to blow up the church.

69 feet of tunnel  was dug into the rock face but was not completed as the Royalists surrendered on Sunday 26th April 1646.

The tunnels entrance is still on show today next to the Quayside in Low Town, however due to saftey reasons you cannot enter it. The cave entrance measures some 18 feet in length, 14 feet wide and 19 feet high, from the end of this the tunnel continues for some 15 feet before extending some 69 feet into the rock face.

You can also see  a number of caves cut into the sandstone which used to be dwellings.


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