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Bridgnorth Infirmarys & Hospitals : A History

There is a history of Bridgnorth Infirmaries and Hospitals including The Hospital Of  The Holy Trinity And John The Baptist, The Hospital Of St James and Bridgnorth & South Shropshire Infirmary in Hollybush Road / Listley Street and now in Northgate.

The Hospital Of  The Holy Trinity And John The Baptist

The Hospital Of  The Holy Trinity And John The Baptist stood to the north of St. John’s Street, set back from the road and adjoining Morfe Forest on the east. It is said to have been founded by Ralph Lestrange (1179-95). Timber from Shirlett Forest was given to build the hospital chapel in 1257. A house known as St. John’s was built on its site in 1698 which is no longer in existence.

The Hospital Of St James

This hospital was first listed in 1224 and was a  leper hospital stood on the site of the house known as St. James’s Priory, outside the town on the east of the road from Bridgnorth.  Records show much of it was demolished in 1574.

Palmers Hospital

palmers hospital bridgnorth

Palmers Hospital in St Leonards Close was founded in 1687 and completely rebuilt in 1889. It was founded from money left in the will of Francis Palmer for the relief of 10 poor widows.

Bridgnorth & South Shropshire Infirmary – Listley Street / Hollybush Road


A plan for a new infirmary was first mooted in 1832 and Bridgnorth Infirmary on Listley Street / Hollybush Road opened in 1836. Access was created between the the building on Listley Street and the upper level of the building on Hollybush Lane. It contained 8 beds; the yearly average number of in-patients was about 82. It was later sold to the trustees of the Infirmary for £400 by Thomas Whinmore. Each resident was required to pay Matron 4 shillings a week and continued to be self supporting. In its first year the hospital admitted 958 patients and performed 100 surgical operations. The provision of two water closets in 1856 brought considerable financial strain on the infirmaries finances.

Evidence of its use can be seen in the cellars of the existing property on Listley Street.

When a new infirmary was built the buildings became St Joseph’s Convent of Mercy. The building on Listley Street was then used as the Bridgnorth Laundry and was run by nuns of the convent.

Bridgnorth Laundry

Bridgnorth & South Shropshire Infirmary – Northgate


Fundraising for the new  Bridgnorth & South Shropshire Infirmary took place in 1891 and in 1892 two cottages were demolished to make way for the new building by Northgate. The architects were Edward Charles Henry Maidman and Thomas Worthington. Mrs Foster from Apley Park laid the foundation stone in 1895. It was opened for the first time on 17th September 1896 , the opening was performed by Viscountess Boyne.

Opening Of infirmary

Bridgnorth & South Shropshire Infirmary opened their X Ray Department in May 1962


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