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The Cartway

Until 1786 the Cartway was the only route to High Town from Low Town for carts during which time it had some 50 pubs and eateries along its route.

Today you can choose this as one of many ways to get between High Town & Low Town and the only pub left on the Cartway is the Black Boy which is some 400 year old. At the bottom of the cartway are some shops, a guest house, a bar and bistro.

In the 1851 census Cart Way was spelt with two words and divided either as Top Point Cart Way or Bottom Point Cart Way. Today there are some 80 dwellings along the Cartway as well as two properties of note, The Cartway Church and Bishop Percy’s House.

A number of caves where uncovered in 2011 that where originally dwellings, these have alas since been covered back up by new property development.

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